Ukrainian Snail Farming Cluster

AС “Ukrainian Snail Farming Cluster” is an enterprise that unites like-minded farmers to grow mollusks using an integrated technology and to organize joint sales.

Stable partners

Signing a contract for several years with planning the delivery times of the required volume, product parameters. Documentary support of the sales process.

The best snails in Ukraine

All members of the cooperative grow using an integrated process, adhering to common standards, which allows us to ensure stable product quality

We sell in large batches

Ability to buy and sell a large batch. More than 100 tons from one supplier, storage in a certified refrigerator.

We make quality products

We are distinguished by our stability, flexibility on the market and product quality. We aim to work with those who seek to find a strategic partner for many years.

Snail farming as a new type of farming has started gaining popularity in Ukraine since 2017. Farmers began to grow snails for future sale. There was a tendency to unite like-minded snail farmers who decided to unite for faster growth dynamics and this was the precondition for the establishment of the Agricultural Cooperative “Ukrainian Snail Farming Cluster” in 2018.

The union promotes active exchanging of technologies and experience, as well as introducing the latest practices of snail breeding. The positive effect of the interaction is manifested in the process of purchasing material and technical means, which is carried out centrally and at wholesale prices of the manufacturer.

Co-storage in a refrigerator during the hibernation of snails and joint sale of grown products is also economically advantageous. The farms of the Cooperative members are located mainly in the Central and Western part of Ukraine. Members of the Cooperative have the opportunity to use the services of a refrigerated warehouse, sorting and calibration line.

The main goal of the cluster is entering foreign markets, forming joint parties, thus optimizing logistics and pricing.

Services of the Cooperative

The cluster provides the members of the cooperative with the necessary materials for production.

  • Joint procurement of materials

  • Integrated breeding technology

  • Organization of training seminars

  • Storage, sorting of products

  • Organization of joint sales

Map of Farms

AC “Ukrainian Snail Farming Cluster” is an association of like-minded farmers, each of them having its own farm and conducting its agricultural activities there.